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Sample Diet Plan for Hypothyroid Patient (Weight Loss Programme)

So we were discussing about thyroid and how imbalance of thyroid hormone affects our health in a big way.

As I promised in my previous post that I will share with you a sample diet plan for weight loss if you are suffering from hypothyroidism.

I already explained you in detail the role of thyroid hormone and how hypothyroidism is a obstacle in losing weight by slowing down your metabolic rate.

Before I give you a sample diet plan, I want to share a story of one of my clients name Mehak.

She approached me for weight loss programme and told me how hypothyroidism making her life hell. She told me that her trainer gave me a diet plan and she shared it with me.

After calculating the macros of her trainers diet plan I told her that her diet plan is full of irregularities.

So after analyzing her condition we started working on her diet and exercise routine.

By profession she was a nurse so she has no fix time table as she has to do some night duty in hospital ward.

But she tried her best and kept on following the diet but the main problem was with her exercise routine.

I suggested her to include bit of weight training along with cardio, but she was only concerned about cardio.

So after 15 days of proper routine we ended up loosing 2.7 kg only.

After explaining her about weight training and how that can be beneficial for her, she took my advice and started weight training along with cardio.

So in this way we ended up losing 17 kg in 2 and half month. So my point of sharing this story with you was simple I can learn two things from this story.

  • If you are motivated enough and your diet is on point and you are persistent in training, nothing is impossible for you.
  • And second thing is weight training is the key in hypothyroidism along with diet and cardio.

I already explained you do’s and don’ts in hypothyroidism, if you miss that you can refer to my previous post.

So without further due lets directly jump on to diet plan: