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Alkaline Water

These days alkaline water is a hot topic there is much hype in the Market regarding its various health benefits.

some claims that it acts as anti aging by regulating ph of the blood .

so in today’s topic we will see whether all theses claims are true and what exactly is alkaline water.

Ph is the level which tells us how acidic or alkaline a solution is, ph is a scale from 0 to 14.

Ph level tells us whether the substance is acidic or alkaline by telling us the indication on scale.

Alkaline is anything above ph level 7 and acidic is anything below 7 is acidic

Due to its alkaline property it is considered helpful in neutralizing excess acid

Is it really helpful?

Alkaline water is a controversial topic , some research proves it very helpful and some researcher claims that it is not that beneficial, the difference in opinion may be due to different quality of sample taken.

However there are some researches proves that alkaline water is really helpful because it deactivated the pepsin enzyme which is responsible for acid reflux.

In another study the findings reveal that drinking alkaline ionized water is beneficial for patients with high blood pressure ,diabties and high cholestrol.

In another research it was found that consumption of alkaline water is beneficial for blood viscosity,

The blood viscosity of the consumer of alkaline reduced by 6.3% as compare to standard purified water i.e 3.36 %.

This means blood  flowed with much more ease after consuming alkaline water . by this oxygen delivery also improved.

Some of its claimed benefits are

  • anti-aging properties (by destroying free radicles)
  • it cleanses the colon
  • immune system booster
  • hydration, skin health, and other detoxifying properties
  • weight loss benefits
  • anticancer  property

Pros and Cons of Alkaline Water

Mostly alkaline water is safe to drink but this may cause some side effects.

It lowers the acidity of stomach, acids in stomachs acts as a killer of pathogen which can cause infection once they entered in our blood stream

Metabolic alkalosis may occurred by excess alkalinity, which has following symptoms

  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • hand shivering
  • muscle twitching and cramps
  • tingling in the extremities or face
  • mental confusion

Natural vs man made?

Nature also has its own alkaline water system, when a stream of water flows through rocks and pick some of minerals which makes it alkaline in nature.

Otherwise alkaline water in man made conditions is prepared by electrolysis.

There is a ionizer which separates the molecules in water on the basis of acidic and alkaline

The alkaline water is extracted in different container and required mineral are added.

How to make alkaline water at home ?

Alkaline water can be prepared in kitchen , so you have to take one litre of water and then add sliced cucumber in it.

Then add one sliced lemon, keep it overnight and your homemade alkaline water is ready.


consuming alkaline water is considered quite safe, excess amount can cause alkalosis which may upset your stomach so moderation is the key.

Some scientific evidence proves it helpful in many aspects but still more research is needed on this topic

I only suggest to try it in moderation this can be very beneficial.