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Tips to Lose Weight Fast

According to Charles Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory, the species that adapts itself with changing environment will survive.

Similarly, we humans survived by changing our living pattern or our lifestyle. But this change in lifestyle aka modernization also impacted our food habits in a big way.

As our life getting busy, we prefer food which we can prepare easily without hustling too much, so the concept of fast food was invented to save our time because we can prepare it much faster as compared to the normal food.

But as we all know that how fast food getting us fat and jeopardizing our health, so today I am going to discuss with you guys 10 ways to lose weight fast.

1. Calorie deficit

To lose weight or to drop body fat %, we have to go in calorie deficit .i.e. to take less calories than your maintenance calories, let’s take a reference of my client Ramandeep singh whose current weight is 73 kg and his maintenance calories are 2200, so we will create a deficit of 400-500 calories only, and will design a diet plan of around 1700 calories.

2. Proteins

Include more lean protein in your diet; protein diet will help you lose fat. Some of good sources that contain natural protein are egg, tuna fish , sprouts , tofu, salmon, chicken breast , protein powders, nuts etc.

3. Good fat

We cannot completely cut fat from our diet, we need fat for hormone production but it should be healthy fat, less in LDL, VLDL and more in HDL.

4. Complex carbs

Instead of simple carb source(potato, white rice etc.) try to include complex carbs(brown rice, brown bread) in your diet, simple carbs spike the glucose in blood stream in a very short time where as complex carbs will make you feel satisfied and release energy over a long period.

5. More fiber

Include more salad and fruits in your diet which are free from refined sugar and will help you with smooth bowel movement.

6. Reduce liquid calorie

Liquid calorie such as cold drinks and other sugary drinks carries lots of calories so we need to avoid taking these drinks.

7. Include Cardio

Try to include early morning cardio session that will help you to burn more fat, also u can try high intensity workouts.

8. Water

To lose more fat, you need to drink more water. Normally, we need to drink water according to our weight. For example you are 80 kg divide your weight by 8 and that’s the no. of glass water you need. Scientifically it is proven that at molecular level, water molecules combine with fat molecules and dissolves it and that is how drinking water is beneficial in losing weight.

9. Avoid junk food

Avoid fast food and try to eat clean food. For example instead of fried food, oily food use raw food.

10. Sleep

Most people take this step as granted, but the truth is that you need at least 8 hrs sleep for your body to cut your fat. So take a note from here and fix a proper sleeping time. Do not disturb your sleep cycle. Doing so will hamper your weight loss process.

Please follow these tips for at least 2-3 months and you definitely will get good results.